Getting Started
Welcome to Lewisburg AYSO!  We are pleased that you and your children have become part of what is often referred to as the "world's biggest soccer club" and one of the most innovative and positive youth sports programs available.

The purpose of this web page is to provide parents with an introduction to AYSO and offer several important reminders to everyone.  The Lewisburg AYSO Board of Directors hopes that all of you are looking forward to a successful season as much as we are.  As reminder to all parents and members of the AYSO family, our six philosophies are:

  1. Everyone Plays
  2. Balanced Teams
  3. Open Registration
  4. Positive Coaching
  5. Good Sportsmanship
  6. Player Development

In a nutshell, AYSO’s goal is to provide an encouraging environment that promotes a love of soccer and, most importantly, make sure the kids have fun.  AYSO is a volunteer organization.  None of this would be possible without the dedication and commitment of the volunteers.  Most of the volunteers within the organization are parents, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, or siblings of players.  The Lewisburg AYSO Board of Directors would like to publicly thank each and every one of you for your effort and dedication.  The time you have devoted to promoting youth soccer in Lewisburg is greatly appreciated.

As a parent you have a special role in contributing to the needs and development of our young players. Through your encouragement and good example, you can help assure the effectiveness of the AYSO program.

Support Your Child
Support your child by giving encouragement and showing an interest in his or her team.  Help your child work toward skill improvement and good sportsmanship in every game.  Teach your child that hard work and an honest effort are often more important than victory. Your child will be a winner, even in defeat.

Always Be Positive
Parents are not participants on their child’s team.  However, they do contribute to the success experienced by their child and the team.  Parents serve as role models for their children.  Applaud good plays by your child’s team and by the opposing team.  Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from youth sporting activities.

Be Enthusiastic and Supportive
Let children set their own goals and play the game for themselves.  Be careful not to impose your own standards and goals on your child.  Don’t put too heavy a burden on your child to win games.  Surveys reveal that 72 percent of children would rather play for a losing team than ride the bench for a winner.

Reinforce Positive Behavior
The best way to help a child to achieve goals and reduce the natural fear of failure is through positive reinforcement.  No one likes to make a mistake.  If your child does make one, remember that he or she is still learning.  Encourage your child’s efforts and point out the good things your child accomplished.

Let Coaches Coach and Referees Referee
Coaches and referees are usually parents.  They volunteer their time to help make your child’s youth soccer experience a positive one.  They need your support, too. What coaches and referees don’t need is your help in coaching from the sidelines.  So please refrain from coaching during games and practices.  Sitting on the sideline of a soccer game yelling, "Kick it!" is analogous to going to a baseball game and yelling, "Throw it!" to the outfielders.  Also, please remember that referees are not the bad guys.  They are volunteers too, and need your support and encouragement.  Treat them and their calls fairly and respectfully.  In the end, the referee is always right.

Take the Kids Zone™ Pledge
In AYSO, fans are asked to be cheerleaders, not critics. Kids Zone™ is a unique program that includes a parent pledge that moms and dads sign to commit to positive, encouraging behavior when they're watching the games.

Soccer is a player's game. Players learn the game by trying new things, making mistakes and trying again. Sideline critics who scream instructions at players or criticize referees or coaches just slow down the learning process and make it less fun for everyone.

Negative, even violent, behavior of players, coaches and parents involved in youth sports has become almost epidemic in the U.S. Kids Zone is a proactive effort to counteract this trend. As part of AYSO's education agenda, Kids Zone is a dynamic program aimed toward producing a thoroughly positive experience for everyone involved in youth soccer.


Click here to read a copy of the pledge.

Game Information
Parents can expect varying game experiences in AYSO depending on the age-based division in which a child is playing.  The following information provides a brief introduction to parents on what to expect from an AYSO game based on each of the age divisions playing in Lewisburg AYSO and in Area K.

5 & Under (5U)
The 5U division uses a different approach than the older divisions.  Instead of playing on a team, children in 5U work on their soccer skills and play in a group environment.  The 5U program uses a jamboree and one-on-one format that engages both parents and players.  Click here to learn more about the 5U program.

6 & Under (6U)
6U games consist of two concurrent games of 4 v 4 with a brief substitution break midway through each 16 minute half.  One volunteer coach will work with the children on the field as a coach ref and help them through the game by reinforcing basic rules of play.  There are no goalkeepers in 6U games and heading is prohibited.  Halftime lasts 5 minutes.

8 & Under (8U)
8U games consist of two concurrent games of  4 v 4 with a brief substitution break midway through each of the 20 minute halves.  There are no goalkeepers, no offsides, heading is prohibited, all fouls result in direct free kicks, goals cannot be made from behind the halfway line, and a referee enforces the modified laws of each concurrent game.  Why 4 v 4?  Click here for more information!  Halftime lasts 5 minutes.

10 & Under (10U)
10U games are 7 v 7 with a brief substitution break midway through each of the 25 minute halves.  10U introduces AYSO players to both the offsides rule and to goalkeepers.  Heading is prohibited in 10U, but all other FIFA laws apply.  Halftime lasts 5 minutes.

Why 4v4? Watch this video to learn more.

12 & Under (12U)
12U games are 9 v 9 with a brief substitution break midway through each of the 30 minute halves.  Heading is not permitted in 12U, but all other FIFA laws apply.  Halftime lasts 5-10 minutes.

14 & Under (14U)
14U games are 11 v 11 with a brief substitution break midway through each of the 35 minute halves.  Heading is permitted and all other FIFA laws apply to 14U games.  Halftime lasts 5-10 minutes.

16 & Under (16U)
The 16U program is new for Fall 2018 and is being offered strictly on a provisional basis.  As of the summer of 2018, Lewisburg AYSO does not know if there will be enough players or coach volunteers at this age group to create the minimum number of teams needed.  Therefore, all 16U registrations will be accepted but players will be placed on a wait list and are not guaranteed a roster spot.  If the league is able to offer a 16U division parents will receive an email from Blue Sombrero with registration and payment instructions.  The rules for 16U are identical to 14U.

What to Bring to Games
One of the easiest, most important, and unfortunately most forgotten things that parents can bring to practices or games is a bottle of water for their children.  Some teams have a rotating Gatorade duty while others have a snack at halftime that is assigned to a different parent each week.  Parents with snack duty are encouraged to bring healthy and nutritious snacks.  Colorful fruit and vegetables are a great snack idea.  Yogurt, nuts, and Fig Newtons are also great snack ideas, but  parents should be aware of potential food allergies.  Please check with your child's coach or team parent to identify any potential food allergies on your child's team.  Parents should also avoid giving kids sugary snacks, like candy, soda, pudding, popsicles, and ice cream bars.  Save the sugary treats for after the game.

Cancellation Policy
Games and practices are only canceled for a few specific reasons, but the main reason a game may be called off is due to inclement weather.  On rainy or snowy days parents should check their email often for updates or reach out to their child's coach for an update.  If the cancellation is region or area-wide the Lewisburg AYSO Board of Directors will send an email to the parents mailing list and post a message on Facebook.  It is Lewisburg AYSO's policy that games should be made up whenever possible.

Thunder & Lightning Policy
Lewisburg AYSO and all of Area K strictly adhere to AYSO National's rules regarding thunder and lightning.  When lightning is seen or thunder is heard potentially dangerous weather is within striking distance.  Seek shelter immediately.  Do not wait for the rain to start before seeking shelter, and do not leave shelter just because the rain has ended.  Games and practices can only restart after no thunder has been heard for 30 minutes.  Parents should stay at practices on days when the weather forecast is poor, in the event practice is quickly canceled.


Other AYSO Programs
In addition to AYSO Core, Lewisburg AYSO also offers two other avenues of play for VIP and Extra players.

AYSO Extra
Lewisburg AYSO's Extra program is specifically designed to provide U10 through U12 aged Lewisburg Area soccer players and their families with an introduction to competitive club soccer in an affordable, fun, safe, and familiar environment.  Our Extra program is a fully sanctioned EPYSA soccer club operating as the Lewisburg Area Soccer Club with competitive teams playing in the NorCenPenn Soccer League.

Please visit the LASC website for more information.

VIP Program
AYSO is proud to offer a very special program for developmentally disabled children and adults.  The VIP (Very Important Player) program provides a safe, fun environment with trained coaches, VIP Buddies, and volunteers who facilitate an enriching experience that the players and their families will cherish forever.  Beginning in 2018/19 Lewisburg AYSO will be partnering with our friends at Montoursville AYSO to offer a VIP option to all of the players in Area K that would benefit from this fantastic program.  Please contact us or visit Mountoursville AYSO for more information.


Riverwoods AYSO Soccer Complex Rules
As a reminder to all parents and AYSO family members, dogs are strictly prohibited from the Riverwoods Soccer Complex.  Service animals are generally exempt from this rule.  Anyone bringing a dog to the soccer complex will be asked to immediately remove it.  It is completely within the discretion of the referee to suspend or even cancel a game if a pet owner refuses to remove the animal from the field, so please leave all dogs at home.

Smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco is prohibited everywhere at the soccer complex.  There is no place for tobacco use in the vicinity of children playing soccer.


Please do not park along the driveway to ensure the safety of our players.  Balls roll out from games and kids can sometimes dart into the road.  To remove the possibility of a child being injured as a result of an obstructed view, parking along the driveway is prohibited.

If you see something, say something.  Whether it's a person flagrantly violating the rules or a suspicious looking something -- please speak up when you notice that something is wrong.  It takes a village to raise a child and it takes neighbors and friends to look out for one another.

Please do not allow your children to hang off the soccer goals.

Finally, please remember to let the players play, the coaches coach, and the referees ref.  Parents' #1 job is to cheer for their children.

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