Registration Spring 2023
       •  Spring-only waitlist registration runs January 1 - March 17, 2023
       •  All registrations are waitlist only with players activated as space allows

Players returning from fall 2022 do not need to re-register for spring
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register to play in Lewisburg AYSO?

  • Any interested and age appropriate youth that lives in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania or any surrounding community.
Age Matrix Fall 22/ Spring 23
Age Matrix Fall 22/ Spring 23

What do I do if I missed the registration deadline?

  • If you missed the registration deadline, but are still within the waitlist period, please register your child as soon as possible.  Families may still be able to register their children in the weeks immediately following the end of regular registration, depending on the caps established at the end of the registration period.
  • Once the caps established at the end of regular registration are full, children will be automatically added to the waitlist.
  • Children on the waitlist will be added to teams only if space becomes available in a particular division.  Being on the waitlist does not guarantee a playing spot, but it ensures the opportunity to take an opening.  Open spaces will be filled from the waitlist in the order in which they were received.

      Can I request that two siblings in the same age group play together?

      • Guardians may request this during registration, provided each child is in the same division.

      Where are the games played?

      • All games in the 6U and 8U divisions are played exclusively in Lewisburg against teams within the same division.  There will be no travel beyond Lewisburg in either 6U or 8U.  Divisions 10U and up will play games against all regions within Area K.

      When are practices?

      • Each division has an assigned practice night on which every team within that division will practice.  Coaches are encouraged to cooperate with one another, share practices, and participate in small-sided games with other Lewisburg teams. The the practice nights for fall 2022 will be:

      5U - Thursdays
      6U - Tuesdays
      8UB - Wednesdays
      8UG - Thursdays  (shifting from Mondays in spring 2022)
      10UG - Tuesdays
      10UB - Mondays
      12U - Thursdays

      Can my child play in a younger division?

      • No.  Players are not permitted to play in a younger division.

      Can my child play in an older division?

      • Guardians may request that their child play-up at the next higher age group.  This request must be made each year and will be considered on an individual basis.  All requests should meet the following four criteria:
        1. The player's DOB misses the cutoff for the next division by five months or less at the start of the fall season.
        2. The player possesses advanced skills and a maturity level commensurate with the next division.
          • Skill levels will be assessed by the first week of practice by a minimum of a two-person team consisting of the regional commissioner, the referee coordinator, and/or the coach coordinators.
        3. The requesting guardian must either coach or be an assistant coach on their child's team (6U-12U).  Alternatively, guardians can referee several games [for other teams] throughout the season.  All volunteers must complete the volunteer process.
          • This requirement may be waived if the play-up request originated from the player's coach,  the regional commissioner, referee administrator, and/or the coach administrators.  The other three criteria will still apply.
        4. Moving the player up does not handicap or overload any team rosters within either division.

      Can I request a particular coach?

      • No.  Players are assigned to teams in an effort to create balanced teams throughout Lewisburg AYSO.

      When is the registration period?

      • The registration period for fall 2022 and spring 2023 seasons.

      What are the costs?

      • The registration fee for fall spring-only 2023 is $65 per player plus the cost of a uniform.

      Where do the costs go?

      • The following breakdown provides an overview of how each membership fee is applied to the Lewisburg AYSO program.  (Please note, these costs reflect a regular fall/spring season.)

      Can I get a refund?

      • Effective May 1, 2017, Lewisburg AYSO is required to pay a non-refundable commitment fee of $20 to AYSO National at the time of registration, even if the player subsequently drops from our program.  A processing fee of $5 will be added to this commitment fee to cover the cost of regional and area fees, as well as any credit card transaction fees.  Therefore, a family with a registered child that decides not to play may receive a refund minus the $25 commitment fee if the player withdraws before the first day of practices.
      • Players may receive a full refund for uniforms if the uniform is unused and returned to the Lewisburg AYSO equipment manager prior to the first day of practice.
      • Players will not receive a refund of any kind after the first day of practices.

      Does Lewisburg AYSO offer scholarships?

      • Yes, we have a limited amount of scholarships available for families in need. Please complete the Scholarship Application to be considered.  All applications are decided by the Board of Directors.

      What about players with special needs?

      • AYSO is proud to offer a very special program for developmentally disabled children and adults.  The VIP (Very Important Player) program provides a safe, fun environment with trained coaches, VIP Buddies, and volunteers who facilitate an enriching experience that the players and their families will cherish forever.  Beginning in 2018/19 Lewisburg AYSO will be partnering with our friends at Montoursville AYSO to offer a VIP option to all of the players in Area K that would benefit from this fantastic program.  The cost for the VIP program and a jersey is the $27.50.  Please contact us or visit Mountoursville AYSO for more information.

      What can I do to ensure that my child has a positive experience in youth soccer?

      • Become involved in the program!  Lewisburg AYSO is a 100% volunteer organization.  Our program would not exist without volunteers.  We need positive coaches, referees, team parents, and field maintenance help week in and week out.  Please see Become a Volunteer for more information.
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