Coaching Resources
While there is no shortage of coaching material available on the Internet, the following links have been specifically selected to help support Lewisburg AYSO's coaches.  AYSO National recommends that all new coaches should read AYSO's Teaching the Game to Kids. For a listing of the coaches from other regions within Area K see the current coach list.  Lewisburg 6U and 8U coaches should reference Teams & Schedules for a listing of Lewisburg coaches.

Modified Laws of the Game
      •  6U/ 6 and Under (4v4, no goalies, 32 minutes)
      •  8U/ 8 and Under (4v4, no goalies, 40 minutes)
      •  10U/ 10 and Under (7v7, 50 minutes)
      •  12U/ 12 and Under (9v9, 60 minutes)
      •  Player Development Initiatives (all small sided games)

Coach Resources
        6U/8U - 4v4 Principals of Play (Burke Athletic Club)
      •  10U - Explaining the Build Out Line (EPYSA)
      •  10U - Coaching the Build Out Line (EPYSA)
      •  10U - Coach Manual (AYSO; rev 2012/13)
      •  12U - 12U Coach Manual (AYSO; rev 2012/13)
      •  14U - Intermediate Coach Manual (AYSO; rev 2012/13)
      •  All - Five things to know about Play-Practice-Play
      •  All - Official US Youth Coaching Manual
      •  All - Referee/ Coach Pre-Game Card (Lewisburg AYSO)


AYSO National Resources
      •  AYSO Guidance for Referees, Coaches, Other Volunteers and Parents - a great place to go to read the AYSO rules.
      •  AYSO Drills and Practices - contains dozens of age-appropriate practice drills to target various skill development.
      •  AYSO YouTube Channel - contains helpful videos on coaching and how to teach some specific skills.
      •  AYSO Safe Haven - reminders about specific items within the mandatory Safe Haven training.

AYSO Forms for Coaches
      •  Incident Report Form - to be completed whenever there is an injury, threat, fight, property damage or a call to the police.

Remember - the game itself is the best teacher!

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