What is AYSO?
AYSO was founded in the greater Los Angeles area in 1964.  Since that time AYSO has grown into a non-profit organization that provides youth soccer programs for participants all over the United States and internationally in the Virgin Islands and Trinidad and Tobago. AYSO consists of over 50,000 teams and 500,000 players nationwide and is one of the leading youth soccer organizations in the world.

AYSO's mission is to develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs which promote a fun, family environment based on AYSO's Six Philosophies:

  • Everyone Plays®
  • Balanced Teams
  • Open Registration
  • Positive Coaching
  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Player Development

What makes us different?
AYSO is a soccer program for the entire family.  AYSO’s goal is for every girl and boy stepping on a soccer field to learn soccer and have a fun, fair, and safe experience.  AYSO's kid-first approach makes us a leader in player development. Everybody likes to win, but developing successful players and people is a fundamental part of the AYSO approach.  We also create a terrific experience for parents who can be involved with their child as a coach or referee, which create memories for children that will last a lifetime.  With player development in mind, AYSO makes sure that no kid signs up to play soccer and ends up only riding the bench.  In AYSO, every player on every team plays at least 50 percent of every game.

AYSO is a volunteer organization.  Nearly 150,000 registered volunteers run the local AYSO programs all over the country. Every coach, referee, Regional Commissioner is a volunteer.  Even the National Board of Directors and National President are AYSO volunteers.  If it wasn’t for the thousands of volunteers donating their time every season, AYSO wouldn’t be as successful and far-reaching as it is today.

Please visit Becoming a Volunteer if you are interested in joining the fun!

Section 13, Area K, Region 424
AYSO is broken down into 14 sections across the United States, with each section having area sub-divisions.  Regions, or community leagues, within each of these areas are organized by a board of directors that work for the betterment of youth soccer in their region and the area as a whole.  Lewisburg AYSO was founded on January 20, 1984 and is the oldest AYSO region in Section 13, Area K and the first soccer club in the greater Lewisburg, PA area.

Additional Area K regions are:

2017/18 - 2019/20
2017/18 - 2019/20
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