5 and Under


Fall 2022 Information
Coach: Erik Bolton
Practice: Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm

Goals of 5U Division
To introduce the players to a new sport of soccer and enjoy the activities and let the game be the teacher.

Who is eligible to join AYSO 5U?
Children must be over the age of 4 at the start of the season to be eligible for 5U soccer.  If you register your child during the summer for the fall season you are also covered for the following spring season. If you’re registering for the first time during the spring season this only covers you for the spring season; you must reregister for the next fall/spring when registration opens each summer.

Please see Registration for more information.

What’s different about AYSO 5U?
The format is different from the "team-based" approach used in the older divisions. In other words children 6U and above play on a team, have practice during the week and game on Saturday whereas in 5U the children and parents play in a group environment.

The 5U program is a "jamboree" and "one with one" format.

  • A "jamboree" is a program where teams/groups are formed on a weekly basis depending on how many players attend a given session.
  • "One with one" refers to the concept that each player must have a parent (or other adult) working with him or her on the field.

When do we start?
The sessions will start around the same time as 6U and up, typically by the middle of April for spring and the beginning of September for fall.  We always finish by the beginning of June for spring and the end of October for fall.  There will be about eight weeks per seasonal sessions.

Where do we play?
The 5U division plays on the 5U fields at the Riverwoods Soccer Complex in Lewisburg.

Practices for fall 2021:

  • Thursdays @ 5:30 - 6:30pm

Sample Session
Sessions last no more than one hour and occur one evening a week. You are able to choose from two evenings based on what the head coach has scheduled, but you and your child only attend one session a week.

    The game/activity (player/parent) changes every 5-10 minutes through the one hour session. Basic motor and soccer skills are introduced with encouragement and instruction provided by the parent to the child and guided by the coach. Each week will show progress, sometimes quite significant and sometimes small. But the important thing is to see the kids enjoying what they’re doing and learning as they go. Learning forms through social interaction, collaboration, teamwork, the ability to look, listen and learn, repeating the activity that’s demonstrated. Without a doubt the kids sense achievement and gain confidence from participating.

    Mandatory to all AYSO players
    Players are required to wear shin guards under their socks and clothing that is appropriate for soccer. A Lewisburg AYSO uniform is not necessary for 5U, but cleats or sneakers are required. Children are not permitted to wear any jewelry of any kind or play with a cast or splint.

    Required at each practice
    Each player must have a parent or older sibling with them for the session. It is impossible for the head coach to supervise a single child in the sessions. If you’re a parent with twins you need another person to help you – remember this is a one on one instructional session.

    It is recommended to bring a size 3 soccer ball (labeled with your name) and a bottle of water for drinks breaks. Extra balls will be available but drinks are not provided. We have lots of drinks breaks so don’t forget to bring something suitable. No candy or sodas please.

    It is possible a session might be cancelled due to weather or other factors. If this happens the coach will always announce it by 4:45PM on that day by email, so please check your messages before leaving home.

    If you have to cancel attending you can attend the other evening session of that week, but you cannot attend both sessions each week. We try to be flexible with all parent requests but please remember that our coach is a volunteer, the same as all of the other AYSO coaches and administrators.

    This is essential to you and the sports-based relationship you have with your child. What used to work for you is irrelevant and won’t be tolerated in 5U sessions. Remember these are children playing a child’s game!


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