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If you are a parent of a player, a volunteer, or both, thank you for visiting Lewisburg AYSO.  Our website offers families everything they need to get their young players registered along with current team details, practice schedules, and information on how to become an AYSO volunteer.

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Spring 2021

Spring 2021 Registration opens January 30, 2021!

Lewisburg AYSO will continue our registration as a waitlist-only process.  This is similar to what we do every spring and it will allow all of our AYSO families to register their children without paying anything up front. Deferring payment will let us offer our families additional protections in the event social distancing protocols need to continue.  All registrations will be activated in the spring when we are confident we can offer a safe program to our players and volunteers..  Visit our Registration & FAQ for more information on spring 2021.

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Information on current teams and game schedules.  (To be updated for spring 2021.)


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AYSO is a volunteer-run organization.  Please get involved with AYSO today!

The Six AYSO Philosophies

Our philosophies are living tenets that separate AYSO from other sports organizations. 

Everyone Plays®
Balanced Teams
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Player Development
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